Erate season is basicly late Jan and  February.  
Contracts are multiyear, but we expect to see some every year.
Gigaman contracts dropped from 6 in 2010 to none in 2011.

Contracts from schools have the govt box checked and the erate rider.
Because opteman service was deregulated, does not show up at all.

gigaman  loop  2337/mo
gigaman repeat  563
gigaman fixed   164
gigaman var      10.25

                 2008     2010

opteman 100     533/mo    331
opteman 1g      820/mo    698.
opteman 100 cir 984/mo    631/728
opteman 1g cir 2111/mo    798/984    2434.

csme 100       1277
csem 1G        2784

Big drop was in Oct 2010  advice letter 38355