IT managers and executives today are faced with a challenging situation. Your users are demanding ever-increasing levels of service, and never seem to be satisfied. At the same time, budgets and headcount remain flat or are being cut.

However, if your organization is typical of most, it has not yet rolled out a solution. Service Level Management (SLM) can help with these challenges. Or, your organization has relied solely on Service Level Agreements (SLA), which, if poorly negotiated, can make your situation worse.

To help you tackle these challenges in a constructive manner, I’ll be hosting Network World’s daylong seminar titled “Service Level Management: Deliver on Your Network Guarantees.”

This is an opportunity for you to learn about SLM, SLAs, pitfalls to avoid and how they can benefit your company. My keynote presentation, “Implementing and Integrating SLM in Your Network,” will look at what SLM is, what vendors are in the marketplace, which tools to use to control costs and to manage and meet your users’ expectations for level of service, and how to create effective SLAs. My afternoon presentation, “Inside A Successful SLM Rollout,” will address one of the key questions about SLAs: “Which metrics should be included?” I’ll also show you step by step what a comprehensive approach to Service Level Management looks like.

During the day, there will be opportunities for Q&A and presentations by leading vendors: Computer Associates, Compuware, HP, MetiLinx, Mercury Interactive, Micromuse, SMARTS and Visual Networks. My co-host, Network World Events Editor Sandra Gittlen, will also lead two panel discussions that will address your questions and concerns.

Register now to join us at this event and in one day, you’ll learn everything you need to know to meet and exceed client expectations.

Best regards,

Rick Sturm
Presenter, Network World's Service-Level Management Event
President, Enterprise Management Associates


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