It seems that Mentor Net has some significant IT requirements. More requirements than that of SVC at the moment. I would say that their significant requirements are such that I would recommend a separate infrastructure be built solely for their needs. Here are my answers, but feedback from Jim Warner is important here. I will cc him on this thread.

MentorNet IT Requests that should be reviewed. CAT-5 is prevalent throughout the building and should suffice their needs ARCLan is feeding the UARC folks and initially SVC will piggy back onto that service. My understanding is that this will be temporary, until CENIC fiber can be installed. Because our infrastructure is a VPN over ARCLan to UCSC, I'm not sure of the complications that will happen by adding additional encrypted packets to the mix. Most likely the packets would get bigger and we would have to make some adjustments. Wireless Access Points do need to be coordinated with NASA, as they use a wireless system that can sniff and snuff out other unwanted WAPs. Again, this could cause policy issues with supporting a .net via a .edu. I will escalate this question to Jim. The data room was well sized and seemed to have extra rack space. However, it seems that the four tower systems and two racks would not fit in this room. If they did there would be little or no room left for UCSC. I would recommend identifying a server room and build out the architecture, electrical, hvac and communications accordingly. I'm not sure of the details here, maybe Jim has feedback as to where to escalate this question.


At 09:09 AM 3/22/2005 -0800, you wrote:

This is what I wanted to talk to you about.  I'm not sure if you've heard
about this or not, but I wanted to have you take a look at this to help me
understand MentorNet's requirements and because you've talked to NASA and
seen the setup at Bldg. 19.

Some questions I have are:
- Do the network closets that we saw at Bldg. 19 allow for their
requirements to store servers, or are they asking if the DHCP and WINS
servers already exist and could they use them?
- Why might they need DHCP, DNS, and WINS?  Isn't it sufficient to just have
DHCP and DNS?  Isn't WINS for static configuration?
- When they say "VPN access to the internal machines", what internal
machines might they be talking about and are they talking about remote
access to BLDG. 19?

Thanks, Gail

Gail Greenspan
Senior Administrative Manager
UC Silicon Valley Center
300 McCord Avenue, Bldg. 555
P.O. Box 58
Moffett Field, CA 94035-0058
650-528-4034 fax
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 I'm going to ask that you work with NASA on this and on SOE's IT needs as
we move into B19...

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>Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 16:42:02 -0800
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>To: Larry Merkley <Larry.Merkley@ADM.UCSC.EDU>
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>Subject: MentorNet IT Needs
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>Carl Walsh asked me to follow up with you and have ITS complete an
>assessment of how to accomodate Mentor Net at the SVC.  Below is some
>preliminary assessment completed by Bob Vitale in response to information
>provided by Mentor Net.  Not sure which staff you want to assign to this,
>but Menotr Net has identifired their technical person for questions. Brad
>Smith ight have some input as well.
>This is a relatively high priority to determine feasibility.  You should
>probably contact Carl for more specifics and the timeline being discussed;
>although if Mentor Net is going to move to SVC, it would happen by the
>summer.   If you have other questions, please let me know.
>thanks, glen
>Bob Vitale wrote:
>>I believe most of what MentorNet may be doable.  However it will take a
>>good amount of UCSC ITS networking assistance and some clear service and
>>demarcation zone limits.  To that end, I would advise budgeting a
>>significant amount for network setup and troubleshooting.
>>One big question is B19 networking provided by UCSC, contractors or NASA
>>I seem to recall since B19 is UARC, that they were allowed to stay on the
>>Below I've noted MentorNet IT requests that may need a closer look & why:
>>regards, Bob
>>MentorNet IT Requests that should be reviewed.
>>----A CAT-5 100Mb Ethernet network for connectivity
>>This depends if the building areas you provide are already wired.  If not
>>then expect some installation & construction costs.
>>----VPN access to the internal machines.
>>At one time this was a problem on the ARCLan.  Not sure if B19 is on the
>>ARCLan or not.
>>----Wireless access point to the network provided, or allowed to use our own.
>>I believe this needs to be cleared with the NASA folks to ensure you
>>don't have interference with other systems.
>>----- DHCP and WINS servers that we could use. Internal DNS service
>>either provided or allowed to use our own.
>>Not sure who would provide this.
>>---- Space for two rack, and four tower, servers with external backup
>>devices and access to a KVM switch to control them on top of two servers
>>(in the IT office).   Remote access to all servers should be possible
>>through terminal server, as well as reasonably quick and easy physical access.
>>This means they want more space, some place to put servers; maybe with
>>air conditioning or at least some form of cooling.
>>-----access to a shared system of software licensing, antivirus software,
>>and network monitoring and intrusion detection.
>>I'm not familiar with any key server or sharing of software licenses at
>>UARC.  My guess is this does not exist. Network monitoring & IDS would be
>>something to be arranged with ITS Networking people.  For security
>>reasons access to those systems with outside organizations is not the norm.
>>Glen Winans wrote:
>>>Sorry everyone--I meant to forward Carol's document as well with my message.
>>>Re: Location for MentorNet -- UCSC at NASA Ames?
>>>"Carol Muller" <>
>>>Fri, 25 Feb 2005 20:08:50 -0800
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>>>Dear Glen,
>>>Thank you for your message.  I really appreciate the interest, and the
>>>time and energy being invested in helping us to explore options for
>>>relocation, and am overdue in thanking you and Carolyn for your time and
>>>interest in meeting with me a few weeks ago.
>>>To respond to one of your specific questions, the MentorNet staff
>>>currently works in a collaborative environment with cubicles, and so
>>>we've learned to work without private offices.  I'm attaching a document
>>>which outlines our facilities and IT needs (with apologies for not
>>>having provided this document earlier -- it was an oversight).
>>>> From my limited knowledge of NASA Ames, a question which may loom larger
>>>than the actual workspace requirements is whether we can expect there to
>>>have reliable high speed Internet access of the kind we need.  As I'm
>>>sure you can appreciate, MentorNet's work is dependent upon a 24/7
>>>reliability throughout the year.  Our systems administration manager,
>>>Alen Plicanic, is the best point of contact in terms of technical
>>>specifications, and I'm sure would have an interest in talking with
>>>whomever might be knowledge about and responsible for the IT backbone
>>>and systems for Building 19, at whatever point in the process you might
>>>determine is appropriate for such a discussion.  He can be reached via
>>>email at, 408-924-6985.
>>>All the best,
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>>>To: <>
>>>Cc: "Steve Kang" <>
>>>Sent: Friday, February 25, 2005 6:13 PM
>>>Subject: Location for Mentor Net
>>>>Hi Carol--
>>>>Dean Steve Kang is out of town for several days, but he asked me to
>>>>notify you that the Baskin School of Engineering is proceeding to try
>>>>and identify some possible space for Mentor Net within the UCSC Silicon
>>>>Valley Complex at the NASA Ames Research Center.  Steve plans to
>>>>discuss with the Executive Vice Chancellor and Chancellor a proposal to
>>>>accomodate Mentor Net by allocating some office space within Bldg. 19
>>>>that presently houses the UARC and will soon house our ISTM
>>>>program.  This has potential to be a natural collaborative setting for
>>>>Mentor Net among research and teaching activities in science and engineering.
>>>>To help in this process, can you specify the general amount of space
>>>>Mentor Net requires, including number of private offices?  Bldg. 19 has
>>>>many large offices (+300 asf) that can easily accomodate up to 3
>>>>professional staff if that is workable, plus some smaller offices for
>>>>private use.  We believe in this collaborative setting shared use of
>>>>conference rooms, classroooms, kitchen facilities, and so forth should
>>>>easily be accomplished.
>>>>thanks, glen
>>>>Glen T. Winans, Ph.D.
>>>>Assistant Dean
>>>>Baskin School of Engineering
>>>>UC Santa Cruz
>>>>1156 High Street
>>>>Santa Cruz, CA  95064-1077
>Glen T. Winans, Ph.D.
>Assistant Dean
>Baskin School of Engineering
>UC Santa Cruz
>1156 High Street
>Santa Cruz, CA  95064-1077