Real World Traffic™ for Real World Networks  

Whether you are designing or developing a content-aware switch, a firewall, an XML appliance, or enabling new services such as VoIP, testing QoS policy, or verifying the performance of an enterprise application in your network infrastructure, this FREE, half day technology briefing is something you won’t want to miss.

Come learn:

  • How to replicate your customer network in your lab by generating
    high-speed business transactions such as SAP and Oracle
  • How to generate real application traffic, including VoIP, Multicast, etc.
  • How to predict the behavior of your network by emulating multiple
    web browser virtual users and analyzing response times of servers
  • How to pinpoint bottlenecks in network architecture and troubleshoot
    switches, routers, Server Load Balancers, and application servers

  • How to capture and decode live traffic in a business network, customize
    it, and regenerate it into a test network
  • How to scale your network to thousands of users, running real applications
    such as email, FTP, Internet Explorer, streaming media, etc.
  • A complete lab environment and tool chain will be available at the briefing,
    live demonstrations.

This FREE seminar is coming to the cities listed below.  Click here to Register.

Seminar Schedule  

Santa Clara, CA - February 11

Washington, DC - February 11

Sacramento, CA - February 13

Ottawa, Canada - February 13

Raleigh, NC - February 18

Minneapolis, MN - February 18

Chicago, IL - February 20

Dallas, TX - February 20

Boston, MA - February 25

Paris, France - February 25

New York City, NY - February 27

London, England - February 27

Montreal, Canada - March 4

Shenzhen, China - March 6

Seoul, S. Korea - March 11

Tokyo, Japan - March 13

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