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Vault 114-2-2 near TAPS garage

Cable TV amplifier at top.
Round ducts above; clay ducts below.
Note chewing in lower left in 2nd picture.
Looking toward 118-2-1 downhill
The round duct with a single small cable
serves NextG's TAPs cell site. One of the
innerducts is in the shadow to the right.
Both lead to the Barn H closet outside the
Police station.
Below "Looking toward 118-2-1" picture
Note spare innerduct in background
Newer than the clay ducts.
Is this the Barn H ADF?

Vault 118-2-1 in field on bluff near kiosk

Looking toward Barn H and vault 114-2-2
Round holes above lead to Cook House via 114-4-1
More views uphill and toward Cook House
Downhill toward Stone House