HP Technology at Work - Higher education edition
April 2004
If you could be CEO for a day, what training class would you have everyone in your company take?
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» Introducing the HP Mobile Wireless Cart Solution
 » Spotlight: Seize the power of Itanium
HP's Itanium-based solutions have come of age, providing server and workstation users with powerful performance and outstanding RoIT. Learn how some heavy-hitting enterprises are reaping the benefits.
» Spotlight: Steelcase takes on agility
This Fortune 500 company wanted to be faster and more responsive to changing business conditions. An HP Agility Assessment helped them develop a plan to reduce complexity and increase flexibility.
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»IT gurus look into the future of consolidation
HP experts examine the trends and changes that are leading a growing number of enterprises down the proven path to IT consolidation.
»ITSM: organizational transformation for higher education
HP IT Services Management helps higher education programs identify IT and business process changes they can make to create a truly adaptive enterprise.
»Renowned liberal arts college delivers a compelling invitation
Albertson College is attracting the right crowd with a new digital publishing solution that delivers high-quality personalized literature to prospective students.
»Virtualization: where IT supply meets business demand
An adaptive enterprise views change as an opportunity, not a problem. Learn how virtualization can bring new IT responsiveness to your education program.
»101 Series: FTP Basics
If you've ever downloaded a file from the web, chances are it came from a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server. Here's how it works.
»Streamline your company’s software updates
HP System Software Manager automates the software update process to reduce your company’s IT burden, enhance system consistency, and lower administrative costs.
»The tiny tech revolution
Size matters—and nanotechnology experts at HP Labs have found that small is beautiful. Read about nanoscale circuits and a host of related emerging technologies.
»Under cover: Who's been sneaking around on your network?
Are unseen intruders slipping onto your system and using your PC to send out spam? It's more likely than you may think.
»Top-notch color laser printing
Don’t waste time with printing hassles. Two new HP color LaserJet printers are making fast, high-quality color printing easier and more affordable.
»Grid computing vs. UDC
Get on the grid. Enterprises can draw upon IT resources anywhere in the world with HP’s utility computing and grid-enabling products.
»Managing mobile and wireless deployments
Employees want wireless access to e-mail and other enterprise applications. Building a solid wireless strategy and avoiding common pitfalls is the key to success.
»The benefits of multi-OS support
Innovations in server technology offer support for multiple operating systems, which increases flexibility, lowers costs, and helps IT organizations easily manage consolidation.
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» Downtime: Are you : - / by today's AREs? Decode these and other chat acronyms and emoticons
Why spell it out when you can keep it short and sweet? IM aficionados cut to the chase with a multitude of entertaining space savers.
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» Attend a Contact Center seminar and learn how to enhance customer relationships, improve profits, and cut costs. Free white paper for registrants.
» Attend the Human Resources Transformation Seminar, an exclusive session for HR and IT executives.
» Attend the Human Resources Transformation Seminar, an exclusive session for HR and IT executives.
» Attend an OpenView web seminar and learn how to create an agile, responsive infrastructure.
  » Downtime: A Vegas-style Borg invasion
Who would have guessed that the "final frontier" for Star Trek: Voyager, would be the Vegas Hilton? Wired reviews what creators are hailing the most "immersive, intensely simulated" adventure ride ever created.
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