Signal boosters enhance public safety in rural and indoor envi-
ronments and are in the public interest.

Signal boosters improperly installed and applied can cause great
harm to the networks.  New requirements call for automatic shut-
down based on continuous testing for compliance with OOB emmis-
sions and oscillations.

Signal boosters will be defined as Citizen Band Radios.

Max ERP is 5 watts.

Are these technical limits adequate to address varying types of
signal booster installations, e.g., personal use vs. carrier and
enterprise installations, which are typically professionally in-
stalled and designed to cover large areas such as office build-
ings or arenas?

The DAS Forum’s code of conduct proposal would require that the
sale of a signal booster "be accompanied by a notice stating that
it is the responsibility of the owner/installer to coordinate
with the appropriate local carrier(s) prior to operation in order
to avoid harmful interference.

In addition to the above, signal boosters intended for fixed op-
eration must include the following advisory: WARNING. Operation
of this device must be coordinated with, and information on chan-
nel selection and operating power must be obtained from, the ap-
plicable spectrum licensees authorized in the area of deployment.
Licensee information is available at

51. We believe that the concerns described above can be addressed
by requiring all operators of fixed consumer signal boosters to
coordinate frequency selection and power levels with applicable
carrier(s) prior to operation. For purposes of this proceeding,
the term "fixed signal booster" refers to a signal booster that
is operated at a fixed location, e.g., office building, tunnel,
garage, home.

We seek detailed comment on how the coordination should be struc-

Four proposals:  DAS Forum, CTIA, AT&T, Wilson

such as buildings, tunnels, parking garages or other structures
where the signal would be contained.  Accordingly, we propose to
remove the language "or in remote areas"176 from section
90.219(d) in order to clarify where Class B signal boosters may

We do not seek to preempt local governments’ authority to require
the installation of signal boosters pursuant to fire or other
building codes in the context of this proceeding. Any such in-
stallations, however, are required to comply with our existing
rules applicable to signal boosters and will be required to com-
ply with any rules which we may adopt in this proceeding.