Date: 8-02-04


The following configuration settings will assist those setting up Cisco L2 Switches after applying the l2-cisco-template which is available from  These settings cannot be scripted and need to be added manually.


Add Loopguard

   college8-ds(config)#spanning-tree loopguard def

Add vlans

   college8-ds(config)#vlan xyz

   college8-ds(config)#vlan name collegename

Add Spanning tree priority

   college8-ds(config)#spanning-tree vlan 1,xyz,xzy priority 32768

Shut down all ports which are not being used including Gig Ports

   college8-ds(config)#int GigabitEthernet0/1


Put Ip address on Vlan

   college8-ds(config)#int vlan xyz

   college8-ds(config-if)#ip address

   college8-ds(config-if)#no shut

Add Default Gateway

   college8-ds(config)#ip default-gateway

Set VTP Mode Transparent and assign a domain name

   college8-ds(config)#vtp mode transparent

   college8-ds(config)#vtp domain <<<<enter hostname here>>>>>>

Set Location

   college8-ds(config)#snmp-server location ADF-location



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