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Do you know what's slowing your network traffic?

Allot NetEnforcer enables corporate network managers to easily identify and efficiently control non-business and business applications. Allot NetEnforcer improves network performance.

Control which applications are taking your expensive WAN bandwidth

Allot NetEnforcer continuously monitors network traffic in real time. It classifies network traffic by applications and users. A network manager can identify network bottlenecks and easily create a policy that enhances network performance.

David Belder, InterWise Director of IT, says: "By maximizing our existing bandwidth usage we've managed to save on expensive WAN access while enjoying guaranteed quality of service for all our critical traffic. With the use of the NetEnforcer, we have been able to turn into a small ISP and provide our affiliated companies with SLA-based Internet access."

With the Allot NetEnforcer -
  • Enhance network performance by prioritizing applications - set up a policy in less than a minute!
  • Open network bottlenecks by limiting usage of non-business applications during business hours
  • Monitor application performance in real time and track bandwidth usage by applications and users
  • Identify protocols (levels 2 to 7) with content inspection and control applications like Napster, MP3 and P2P
  • Guarantee bandwidth for Voice over IP and video

Allot NetEnforcer offers unmatched performance enhancement and bandwidth management features like the ability to filter non-real HTTP traffic - policies like "limit all Napster and audio download to 60Kbps bandwidth."

Allot NetEnforcer allows you to monitor applications, users and resources usage data in real-time as well as to save historical data. Its powerful graphical tools present network performance data, including bandwidth usage by applications, users, top users and top servers.

Allot NetEnforcer NetWizard utility automatically identifies applications running on the network, gauges total LAN/WAN bandwidth consumption and creates a performance improvement policy. Even a non-technical person can install a minute!

Allot NetEnforcer's NetAccountant provides usage based reporting for capacity planning. It generates traffic usage statistics including time, rule, source, destination, application, TOS markings, inbound bytes and outbound bytes. All sessions' data is continually collected and stored in the NetEnforcer, or exported to an external server using RADIUS or Microsoft ODBC protocols.

Allot NetEnforcer scales up to 100Mbps (wire speed) with internal bypass and external redundancy solutions for added fail-safe protection.

In addition, content-based traffic redirection to cache is available for added bandwidth saving.


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Learn how to. . .

» Reduce your WAN costs

» Determine who is abusing your network bandwidth

» Improve business critical application performance

"Allot NetEnforcer has all that and more!"

Monitor when and why Internet browsing is slow - in real time!

Report who is using what and how much!