NTS will have a Catalyst 3550 router in the E2 building.  We will serve
building users that are not on the SOE managed network.  That
will be

   Econ, 4th floor east and west
   Sinsheimer temporary occupants on the 5th floor (expatriots)
   The registrar-managed classrooms on the 1st floor
   Miscellaneous uses like the door locks and energy mgmt 
   Any wireless networking that is part of CruzNet

Note:  if the door control subnet could be "inside" SOE on their
       6509, that's OK, but we need to be ready to support it.

We will run a gig-e connection to our switch over single mode
fiber from the Comm bldg.  

The lecture hall that is next to the bus stop has fiber to the 
Baskin East chase.  It will have a 24 port switch on the 70/71 
existing subnet at 100 Mb/s.  Michael has reserved a vlan friendly 
(cruznet friendly) switch for the closet.

                     ip address       netmask        default gateway   

Lecture building

Eng 2 building
Eng 2 building

The Econ subnet will be
The Chem Bio Sinsheimer expatriots will get a new subnet

Hauskins and Coha are aware that the expatriots will not get L2
extensions of their current subnets and that all who move will

The main router in the E2 MDF will feed Gig-E horizontal connections
to the served closets.  All the user switches will be Cisco: mix
of 2950 and 3750.  For Econ, the lead switchs will be a Cat3750 using 
fiber riser (Gig-E Multimode).  We'll cascade to Catalyst WS-C2950-24
over Gig-E to make up the requested port counts.  For the expatriots, 
the Engineering order includes equipment (Cat 3550-48s) at port counts 
far in excess of the requirements of the temporary occupants.  For the 
duration of the exodus, we will host the switches on the NTS router.
Fiber jumpers will move to the SOE 6509 when the Sinsheimer seismic
project is finished.

The subnet size for Econ (256 addresses) is large enough for a long
time.  The temporary Bio subnet is their expansion space.

Michael and I said that we want $300-350 for extra costs to provide
temporary service so the EMS system can come on line early.  The
indication is that they will pay this so they can do the EMS final