Broadcom Tomahawk-4

Announced mid 2019, shipments announced Dec 9, 2019

Broadcom has positioned this ASIC for the hypescalers that do roll-your-own switch development. As such, no commercial products that use this part have yet been announced. Broadcom has yet to spill the beans viz the amount of packet memory. In a February 2020 presentation in front of Tech Field Day delegates, Broadcom made the point that the packet buffers are not segmented and attached to the four packet processors. Any of the RAM can be used by any of the packet processors. The Linley Group issued one of their reports at the same time as the ASIC announcement.

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Press Release December 2, 2020

Broadcom has announced two new tomahawk-4 family members. The original Tomahawk-4 had 512 lanes of 50 Mb/s. The new varients double the lane speed. Chip geometry is the same as tomahawk-4 : 7 nm.