Mellanox Spectrum2 switches

Introduced May 2019

sn3800 front panel view

sn3700 and sn3700c front panel view

sn3510 front panel view

sn3420 front panel view

Mellanox is the primary source of switches that use its ASICs. Either that, or its list of ASIC customers is very tightly held. HPE (Hewlett Packard) does resell these as m-series switches. The switches were announced in a press release that hearlded the SN3000 family without listing its members. A follow-on document in September 2019 is a lot closer to a real data sheet.

The Spectrum-2 ASIC is capable of PAM4 encoding on each lane, so QSFP56 and 400 Gb/s in a QSFP-DD 8-lane receptacle.

The ASIC claims fine grained buffer statistics with 64 nS interval resolution. The linked white paper was written along with the ASIC introduction in 2017 and a careful reading suggests it may not be entirely accurate. But it's the intent that counts??