Broadcom Qumran

Introduced Nov 16, 2016

Qumran backfills behind Jericho that was introduced in 2015.

Qumran is a single chip version of Jericho. It has not intended to connect to a backplane crossbar switch -- and hence single chip. Its place in the hierarchy is to fill the deep buffer top-of-rack requirement. It's big brother Jericho is intended for a chassis environment where each line card gets a Jericho and there is a crossbar switch in the backplane. Some fixed form factor switches contain two Jericho ASICs directly connected through their crossbar interfaces in a 1 RU package so you can't tell the internals from looking at the package alone.

Three sizes of Qumram have been announced by Broadcom -- variously refered to as Papa Bear MX, Mama Bear AX, Baby Bear UX.

Update Sept 2019

At the September 2019 regional OCP conference Carsten Michel (Deutsche Telekom) presented on new switches designed to fill the BNG (border Network Gateway) slot. These switches -- one leaf, one spine -- will use the Qumran 2C when it becomes available. Meanwhile, Delta is building prototypes with the Jericho 2C which is a pin-for-pin equivalent except that the latter has a fabric interface that is not needed here.