Nexus 93180TC-FX

Introduced: March 2017

Introduced 1 year after the 93180YC-EX. This uses the LS1800FX ASIC. Each of these ASICs hosts 18 100 Gb/s ports. Six of these are presented as QSFP ports on the front panel. The remaining 12 are split into 48 1/10 Gb/s twisted pair ports.

The switch diagram in BRKARC-3222 is:

The FX varient can support FCoE in addition to Ethernet. The EX model is Ethernet-only.

A cisco live! presentation explains the 93108 buffer strategy. Default behavior allows a single congested queue to use about 95 percent of the 40 MB buffer before protective packet discard is commenced. The alpha parameter is configurable to control the amount of buffer reserved before discard is commenced.