Nephos Taurus Family 8360

General Availability Sept 2017

Not Broadcom. A Tiawanese ASIC house that makes competitive devices. Like Broadcom, they are a fabless merchant silicon manufacturer. Founded February 2016. The 8360 ASIC family uses 16 nm geometry. Offices in Anhui China, Taiwan, Singapore and (of course) San Jose. Note:

  • Product derivatives with wide range of bandwidth spanning: 880G to 6.4T
  • Up to 256 high speed 28GHz NRZ SerDes (100% Nephos controlled IP)
  • Large intelligent packet buffer for superior in-cast performance
  • Buffer size options: 20, 28, 40, and >50 MB (Largest virtual queue pool, programmable dynamic allocation, intelligent hysteretic water marks)
  • Flexible Port Configuration: 10/25/40/50/100G NRZ (note: absolutely no hidden MAC/Radix limitations)
  • 2 x 10G. 2x 1G and 2 x 2.5G dedicated management ports, PCIe Gen3 (>30G)
  • 16 nm FinFET+ TSMC; Multi-die packaging enhanced patented silicon interposer TX/RX
  • Available Now: Q2 2017, GA Sept 2017
Taurus Part No. Bandwidth[Tbps] Power [W]
NP8363 1.08 46
NP8365 1.8 55
NP8367 3.2 80
NP8369 6.4 160