Marvell CX switch ASICs

This product brief from March 2019 has good info about current Marvell ASICs. It appears they have lots of features. Marvell, however, does not disclose packet buffer sizes except in the most general terms like 2x packet capacity over available solutions in the market. These parts are built using 16 nm features -- which seems about right for products introduced in 2019.

Marvell has several white papers that discuss fine grained measurements of network performance.

While I can find info on Marvell ASICs (but not buffer size), I am still searching for products that actually use their parts. Marvell makes some switches for their ASICs:

  • Marvell RD-BC3-4825G6CG-A4 Marvell Prestera 98CX84xx 6x100G+48x25G
  • Marvell RD-ARM-48XG6CG-A4 Marvell Prestera 98EX54xx 6x100G+48x10G
Some Marvell-based switches are manufactured by Edgecore but their datasheets do not list packet buffer memory. Two Juniper switches use Marvell CX 8248 which was introduced in 2010. has a short application note that says the ASICs have 4 MB buffers and that the Juniper EX4500-40F and EX4550-32F have two ASICs.

Marvell ASICs in the DENT compatibility list
10GDelta Networks48x10G SFPMarvell Aldrin 2
1G +10GDelta Networks48x1G PoE + 4x10G SFPMarvell AC3X
1G +10GDelta Networks48x1G + 4x10G SFPMarvell AC3X
10GEdgecore48x10G SFPMarvell Aldrin 2
1G + 10GEdgecore48x1G + 4x10G SFPMarvell AC3X
1G + 10GEdgecore48x1G PoE + 4x10G SFPMarvell AC3X
10GWNC48 x 10G SFP+Marvell Aldrin2
1GWNC48 x 1G with PoE+ 4 x 10G SFP+Marvell AC3X
1GWNC48 x 1G 4 x 10G SFP+Marvell AC3X