Introduced March 6, 2018

There is a press release and it contains some data sheets. Paradoxicly, there is an earlier press release that also announces general availability of Jericho2.

A promotional slide deck emerged at the same time as the press release. One slide helps with perspective on the Dune family. The deck uses HBM which might need some explanation.

Bar graph compares performance across Arad, Jericho, Jericho+
and Jericho2 spanning 5 years

From Cisco Presentation at Tech Field Day June 12, 2019

Jericho Jericho+ Jericho2 Jericho2c
Bandwidth 720G 900G 4.8T 2.4-3.0T
Network Interface 24x25G+36x12.5G 48x25G+24x12.5G 96x50G 32x50G+96x25G
Fabric Interface 36x25G 48x25G 112x50G 48x50G
Power 120W 150W 300-350W 150-200W
Perhaps this table should also include Qumran 2C. At the September 2019 regional OCP conference Carsten Michel (Deutsche Telekom) presented on new switches designed to fill the BNG (border Network Gateway) slot. These switches -- one leaf, one spine -- will use the Qumran 2C when it becomes available. Meanwhile, Delta is building prototypes with the Jericho 2C which is a pin-for-pin equivalent except that the latter has a fabric interface that is not needed here.