BCM56170 is identified as Hurricane3. Perhaps BCM56160 is Hurricane2 and BCM56150 is Hurricane1 or just Herricane. These ASICs have in common that they have an ARM A9 processor and are intended for deployment at the network edge -- the access layer. They have modest packet buffer memory and very low power consumption.
    Part numberIntroducedPacket MemoryForwarding rateSwitching cap
    BCM56150Jan 20131.5 MByte96 Mpps128 Gbps
    BCM56160Nov 20152.0 MByte116 Gbps
    BCM56170Dec 20154 Mbyte**350 Gbps
As noted on the datasheets, the 56160 and 56170 are m-gig capable to support speeds 1, 2.5 and 5 Gb/s. Also per the datasheet, packet memory for the 56170 is not specified. The datasheet for Hurricane switches from is the source for the packet memory size (**) So far, none of the Hurricane switches have an ONIE loader. OS software provided by the manufacturer is what you get.

BCM56150 switches with 48 access ports almost certainly contain two ASICs.