Edge-core Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway

Including these three switches on the buffer page is perhaps a stretch. These gateways are used in LTE and 5G networks. Because they are made with the same ASICs as regular network switches, there is no reason [except software and perhaps cost] that they couldn't be used as regular switches.

One thing that sets them appart from other devices is that they contain GPS receivers that permit them to act as timing grand masters to help spread clock information. IEEE 1588 precision timing protocol is well described in Wikipedia articles. What is not clear to me is whether the requirement to run neighboring cell sites off a common clock has anything to do with the large buffering that these switches offer.

Edge-core has a short presentation that describes three gateways. One of the switches has been submitted and approved by OCP. The extra parts that are required for the satellite time receiver are apparent in the block diagram.