Corsa 6630 and 6640 Open Flow Switches

Corsa products emerged in ~june 2014. Corsa is a new company anchored in Ottowa that had a successful round B financing. If you count on your network company to have data sheets with data on them -- stop reading now. Common features like size, weight, power consumption are not listed. But perhaps anyone concerned with that minutia needs more hand holding than comes with OpenFlow SDN.

Most important This is an SDN switch data plane. An OpenFlow controller will be needed running e.g. a routing application to make it look like a network switch.

The diagram above was snatched from an EtherRealMind blog post in June 2014. What seems clear is that Corsa products are built from FPGA (field programmable gate arrays) stitched together to make a flexible pipeline architecture. Current product uses 28 nM silicon technology. The switches are targetted at the WAN switch market as evidenced by the deep buffers and an application report on WAN buffering.

A note on the data sheet says that Corsa is not in the transceiver business and their switches will accept CFP2 and SFP+ transceivers that comply with MSA requirements, independent of source.

Corsa also makes 10G/40G products (DP6610 and DP6620). Corsa gives an overview of switches. Even better, CTO Kumar from Corsa gave a talk at the October 2015 Internet2 tech exchange. You should separately download the slides because you'll want to see them in higher-than-webinar resolution.