Introduced: March 2011. See Jim Duffy in Network World.

The Cisco Nexus 3064PQ and 3064X are Trident+ based switches. The X replaces the PQ which is no longer for sale. The Cisco Nexus 3000 Series NX-OS Quality of Service Command Reference allows a deduction that the buffer memory is divided into 46080 208-byte cells which are chained together to make packet buffers. A white paper titled Cisco Nexus 3064PQ Switch Architecture describes buffer allocation in a single sentence:

  • Shared buffer architecture: The Cisco Nexus 3064PQ has 9 MB of buffer space, including a per-port and dynamically allocated shared buffer.

    Nothing in the documentation explains how the buffer cells are allocated to queues. The document that describe this is not public, however Cisco has given permission to share a picture that is essentially a single pane from a Powerpoint presentation. It shows the fairness rules that wrap around dynamic buffer management.

    bar graph. 1.7 MB static. Max of 5.3 MB whenone port is congested

    The 3064X has reached end of life. The final product ship date was April 28, 2017.