Ciena 3930

October 2012

beauty shot 1 RU switch shows ports

Ciena calls this a service delivery switch. As such, there are lots of policing and shaping controls. Nothing available without a customer login shows packet memory.

October 2012
. Revision A, Standard:
. Document assigned a new document number. This document replaces the document 009-2010-115.
. Overview material has been moved to 39XX/51XX Product Fundamentals
. Optics information remains in Packet Networking Transceivers Reference (009-2011-602)
. Orderable part number information removed. For ordering assistance
  please contact your Ciena representative.

December 2012
. Revision B, Standard:
. Updated to add 3930 Sync + External Timing system
. Updated LED information to cover Reset behavior

February 2013
. Revision C, Standard:
. Updated to add warnings and cautions

September 2013
. Revision D, Standard :
. Updated to indicate External Timing interface support for SAOS
  Release 6.11
. Rebrand portfolio as Packet Networking (was Carrier Ethernet
. Update name for the transceiver reference to Packet Networking
  Transceivers Reference (009-2011-602) and the glossary to Packet
  Networking Glossary (009-3299-026)

January 2014
. Revision E, Standard :
. Rebuilt the book to move the back cover to the end.