From: Network OS Command Reference Supporting Network OS v6.0.1a Part Number: 53-1003776-02


qos rcv-queue limit

    Controls high burst traffic received on the Brocade VDX 6740.
    qos rcv-queue limit { buffering_upper_limit }
Command Default
    The default value is 283 KB.
      Defines the upper limit of buffering for the port.

      The range of queue limit values is from 128 KB through 8 MB. While any value within this range is valid, recommended values are 128, 256, 512, 1024, and 2048.

    RBridge ID configuration mode
Usage Guidelines
    With enhanced shared dynamic buffering mechanism, an interface is capable of bursting up to the recommended 2MB limit. Though a maximum of 8MB is allowed, you should consult your Brocade Engineer, as it may impact the performance of the other ports that may need to burst at the same time.
    Typical command example:

    device# configure terminal
    device(config)# rbridge-id 1
    device(config-rbridge-1)# qos rcv-queue limit 8000
    Release version Command history

    4.0.1 This command was introduced.