Arista 7368X4

photo of an eight slot switch
Introduced March 2019

An 8-slot chassis with a heart of Tomahawk-3. There are three interface card varients.

  • 7368-16C 40 and 100 Gbps speeds on 16 ports
  • 7368-4D QSFP-DD 400 Gb/s
  • 7368-4P OSFP 400 Gb/s
There is a data sheet.

This is not a cookie cutter copy of the Facebook Minipack. Arista has included gearbox ASICs on the 400 Gb/s line cards. Their purpose is to retime signals degraded going through the backplane. So 400 G in and 400 G out. They can also be used to support 200 G and 100 G. The gearbox ASIC is not the same as in the Minipack -- details in the individual writeups.

The Arista switch was inspired by the OCP Minipack submission. It is not, itself, an OCP full submission.