HPE Altoline 6921 family

Introduced: Sept 2016

A family of switches with front-to-back and back-to-front airflow and your choice of Tw-Pr 10 Gb/s or SFP+ access ports.

The data sheet says that this switch has 12 MB of packet buffer and was introduced in 2016. There is an inconsistency here. The Trident-II had 12 MB of buffer but started shipping in 2014. The Trident-II+ has 16 MB of buffer and started shipping in 2016.

Moving right along, the data sheet says that the switch has VXLAN L2 and L3. That is hard way of claiming the RIOT capability. That stands for Routing In and Out of Tunnels. Trident-II+ had that feature but Trident-II did not.

My conclusion is that this is a Trident-II+ switch with 16 MB of buffer, claims in the data sheet of 12 MB not withstanding. This switch is made for HPE by Accton. Their model numbers are AS5812-54X AS5812-54T. And they got the buffer cache size right.