Extreme Networks VSP8600

Introduced Sept 2017

ExtremeNetworks got this switch as part of the Avaya purchase that closed in July 2017. The data sheet is remarkably thin on details. What we know is:

  • 8 interface module slots
  • Speed and feeds
    • 6 x 100 Gb/s QSP28
    • 16 x 40 Gb/s QSP
    • 24 x 10 Gb/s SFP+
    • 24 x 10 Gb/s Twisted Pair
  • 3 fabric slots
  • Fabric BW is 7.2 Tb/s per module
  • Uses merchant silicon of unannounced origin
  • IPv6 support not available at first ship
  • What we don't know is:
  • Size of packet buffers
  • Is switch fabric crossbar or something different?
  • Forwarding latency
  • Packet memory claims in the data sheet are nonspecific:
    To this end, the VSP 8600’s architecture features deep packet buffers that accommodate bursty traffic and deliver lossless performance.
    So, here is some speculation. Introduced at the same time, the VSP8400 is built on Broadcom. It would save engineering resources if the development team stayed within a single merchant family. There are no published specifications that would rule out Jericho. Or it could use Jericho+ based on the date of introduction.