Nagile RA-B6920-4S Tomahawk-3

datasheet date: 5/31/2021

Management ports and USB are on the rear panel -- not shown here. While the data sheet does not discuss this, a tomahawk-3 has 128 SERDES. There are 256 serial lanes in a 128-port QSFP28 switch. So to do what is claimed, the line cards must have gearbox ICs to expand 2 x 56 Gb/s into 4 x 28 Gb/s.

Ragile was incorporated on 13 February 2020 with its address at 35649 Embassy Common Fremont CA 94536. The building at this address looks like a house on google earth. Ragile is listed as a sponsor of the November 2021 OpenCompute Global Summit.