Cisco Nexus 3048

Announced October 18, 2011

Now seven years old and still on the current product list.

In a feature chart, Cisco says

  • Openflow yes
  • VXLAN no

    The data sheet says it has 9 MB of buffer. In a paper Network Requirements for Avid ISIS, Avid NEXIS, and Interplay PAM and MAM for their software product, Davis Shepard from Avid said on June 2 2017

    Nexus 3048 ~ N3K-C3048TP-1GE

      The Nexus 3048 (48x 10/100/1000 with 4 x 10G) is a Trident+ based switch, with 9MB of buffer (just like the approved F10 S4810). This has been successfully deployed in Hong Kong for ISIS 7500 (without Avid approval), for a limited number of clients at less than 50% population for Avid clients. However this .artificially limited. device may have a limited lifetime as it is based on legacy merchant silicon.
    While it is a surprise to see a 10 Gb/s ASIC used in a 1 Gb/s application, there is no reason it shouldn't work.