annotated photo of pizza box switch circuit board
This is an annotated trade-show beauty shot of the PARPRO N5R-100 switch. Heat sinks were removed from the big ICs to show off the design. Pictures on the data sheet show the heat sinks.
PARPRO is an ODM (original device manufacturer). While there is a generic model number, there are no catalog parts to purchase and there are no distributors. Everything is custom. This is a white box switch. What that means is the hardware is sold with libraries that can connect linux running on the intel system processor to the hardware. But the application that talks to the library is provided by the customer.

PARPRO was showing their EZChip design in the trade show booth because it was EZChip's booth. As an ODM, PARPRO can make lots of things including Trident2 switches. But not here, and not today.

Max buffer

Without specifying the application software, there is no way to say what the restrictions on single queue buffer length are. Clearly, there is a lot of packet memory here. Probably there is so much memory that you might get into trouble from over abundance. Listing the NP-5 as a virtual output port queuing system is based on the data sheet. And the NP-5 can be used in a Pizzabox mode as well as a line card and crossbar switch mode. The VoQ description might apply better to the latter than to the former.