C6800-SUP6T and C6800-SUP6T-xl

Introduced December 2013

Sup 6T front panel layout

Like other members of the 6500/6800 family, the switch carries most of its buffers for packets queued for output. There is relatively small input buffers to shepard frames through a cross bar switch. There is queuing within the cross bar as well as on the interfaces and since different line card types may have different crossbar speeds, there may be speed matching, too.

Comes in varients regular and [xl] supersize. The big guy has TCAM for 1,000,000 IPv4 routes. The little guy holds 250,000 IPv4 routes. Interfaces over committ backplane BW by 2:1 in normal mode. In performance mode half the ports are disabled and the remaining ports are line rate. In performance mode the packet buffers for two ports are combined and handed to the active port -- so a 40 Gb/s interface has 2 GB of output buffer and 10 MB input buffer.