ICX7650ZP and ICX7650

Introduced 17 November 2017

Two base models: 1 Gb/s ports and m-gig multispeed ports

The product line was purchased by Aris as part of the Brocade break up. Combined into their access line this is now the Ruckus ICX 7650 switch line. data sheet

All models with tw-pr ports have Power-over-Ethernet. All models have a front-facing module slot that can be used for uplink ports. Speeds and feeds are different for the Z models relative to the base 1 Gb/s-only models. There is also a rear-facing module slet that can be used for an official stacking port, or just more Ethernet. It would be nice to know which switch silicon is ussed. But we have to guess.

Email from the ODM (May 2019); The ZP is firebolt-5 or bcm56560 w 12 MB buffer. But the ICX7650 has 5 MB of buffer and therefore is something different. Helix?