Arista 7050X2

Earliest product mention is the May 2016 copyright date of a white paper on VXLAN

Here Arista is using the Trident-II+ as a soup'd up version of the Trident-II. They are not using a gear box to group SerDes into 100 Gb/s ports as some other vendors have done.

Arista claims that the Trident-II can route VXLAN encapsulated packets and they are the only manufacturer that knows how to pull that off. They do it by internally recirculating packets through the processing pipeline. This uses extra processing power and the highest port density products need to have some ports disabled to avoid over subscription of the packet processing pipeline. The II+ can route and encapsulate in a single pass through the processing pipeline. Arista thus positions the X2 models as performance varients.

Arista has a packet walk white paper dated January 2017. This is a rewrite of a paper from 2013 that covered only the Trident-II 7050X products.

As of February 2017, there are four X2 models shown below:

7050QX2-32S 7050TX2-128 7050SX2-72Q 7050SX2-128
Rack Units 1 2 1 1
10GBASE-T Ports - 96 - -
SFP+ Ports 4 - 48 96
QSFP+ Ports 32 8 6 8
Max System Density 10GbE Interfaces 96 96 72 96
Max System Density 40GbE Interfaces 32 8 6 8
Typical Power 129W 485W 127W 214W
AC and DC Power Yes Future Yes Yes