Alpha Networks SNX-60x0-486x

Front panel of 1 rack unit switch from Open Compute Project Alpha Networks SNX-60x0-486T Specification v0.6

SNX-6070-486F   Freescale CPU
SNX-60A0-486F   Intel CPU
There is some confusion between the SNX-60x0-486T submitted to the Open Compute Project and the data sheet for the Alpha Networks part. It seems like Alpha Networks is describing a Trident2+ for OCP and the older Trident2 for their data sheet.

The OCP submission says Trident2+ in Figure 7 and shows the gearbox to generate 100 Gb/s ports. The data sheet for the same p/n does not say anything about 100 Gb/s ports or RIOT.

In a presentation to an OpenCompute working group on February 13, 2017 Alpha said that this switch is based on a Broadcom part code named Maverick The part number is BCM56768. Maverick is the name of a company acquired by Broadcom in 1999. There appears to be no relation between the the chip and the acquired company.