Agema is a part of Delta. Delta has a very nice building in Fremont where the OpenCompute Demo was held in March 2017.

  • Tomahawk AG9032 First datasheet Dec 2015.
  • Tomahawk AG5648
      Agema seems to have a hard time with data sheets. At introduction, they claimed that this was a Tomahawk with 12 MB packet memory. That has been corrected to 16 MB in some places. In October 2017 they published an installation manual that says there are now two varients:
        AG5648 BCM56963 Tomahawk
        AG5648V1 BCM56967 Tomahawk+
      The December 2017 data sheet does not list any functional differences between the new and old models. In Feb 2018 Colfaxdirect showed a web list price of $4550 without making a clear distinction of which model they were selling.

      The difference is that BCM56963 has interoperability problems with 25G ports. The bugs were fixed in BCM56967.

  • Qumran-MX AGC7648A Big buffer