EdgeCore AS9516-32D (Tofino2)

Switch front panel view with ports labeled

Data sheet: June 2020

1. Console port5. Management port
2. USB storage port6. System LEDs
3. 32 x 400G QSFP56-DD7. Breakout mode LEDs
4. Breakout mode button port indicators
This is the first Tofino2 switch I can find. It is possible (likely?) that some hyperscalers may have incorporated the Tofino2 into switches customized for their applications. There is a datasheet. The interface diagram in the datasheet identifies the ports as 100G QSFP-DD. This is almost certainly an error. It should say QSFP56-DD 400G.

Update August 2021

The port speed mistake noted above has been fixed and the new datasheet is no longer marked as preliminary. The switch is orderable from Stordis. A 3 minute video with zippy music has announced the invention of sliced bread, perhaps indicating that the switch is now actually available.

The data sheet says Compatible with ONL and SONiC software