Introduced: 15 March 2015

press release

Broadcom Tomahawk. 7710 has PowerPC processor. 7712 has Intel processor. ONIE.

PowerPC is now (2017) dead. So Cumulus will no longer port to PowerPC switches.

2015 data sheet

But wait . . .

The 7712 has an Intel Atom processor. The newest version AS7716 has a Xeon processor. Supported software is less for the newer part. Best guess intro for the AS7716 is 31 January 2018. The new data sheet covers both the 7712 and 7716.

Cumulus® Linux® 3.1 and later versions
Open Network Linux, the open-source, OCP reference NOS
OpenSwitch open-source NOS
PicOS. 2.7.1 and later version from Pica8 Inc
OcNOS. 1.2 and later version from IP Infusion
Big Monitoring Fabirc. 5.6.0 and later version from Big Switch
FlexSwitch software from SnapRoute
Ixia Vision Edge OS. 4.7.3 and later

AS7716-32X: Open Network Linux, the open-source, OCP reference NOS Pluribus Networks . Netvisor® OS (ONVL) FlexSwitch software from SnapRoute