AS5812-54X Trident 2+ switch from Accton

The SFP+ model AS5812 was introduced on 7 July 2016. A 10G-baseT model was announced in April 2016. While the Trident2+ has the capability of hosting 100 Gb/s ports, Accton has not done that here. More info on Trident2+ is in ASIC page. Uses BCM56864 with Intel Rangeley C2538 x86 CPU.

This switch is the successor to the AS5712-54X which uses the trident-II ASIC. HPE rebrands and sells this as the Altoline 6921.

2018 Update

At introduction in 2016 the list of ported switch software was
  • Cumulus Linux
  • Open Network Linux (open source)
  • OpenSwitch open-source NOS
  • Switch Light

    The 2018 version of the same data sheet adds:

  • PicOS
  • FlexSwitch software from SnapRoute

    This switch was submitted to OCP so there are lots of details