Edgecore AS7926-80X

beauty shot 2 RU switch

Introduced as an OCP submission in July 2019, all we have seen so far is this design package. While this is better than a data sheet, we really want both to be assured that there is a product.

This is an 80 port 100 Gb/s switch. The serdes on the Jericho2 are 50 Gb/s PAM, so the switch is loaded with gearbox ICs to maximize the port count.

Update August 2021

Two switches: AS7926-40XK and AS7926-80XK. The first 40-port switch has a single Jericho2 ASIC. The 80-port switch has two Jericho2 ASICs linked together without a cross-bar element -- that isn't needed when there are only two switch ASICs. So far, still no data sheets. I believe that the K in the part number indicates that the switch has external TCAM. Still no data sheets. None of the regular suspects (e.g. ASA-computers) are offering to sell these switches. I suspect that these switches have died a silent death -- replaced by the 7926-40XKFB announced in July 2021.