Edgecore AS7926-40XKFB Jericho2

    140 x 100G QSFP28 ports81 x RJ-45 console port
    213 x 400G QSFP-DD ports92 x RJ-45 stacking sync ports
    32 x 10G SFP+ OOB ports102 x RJ-45 PPS/ToD ports
    41 PPS111 x RJ-45 management port
    52 Digit display122 x Power supplies
    61 x USB type-A134+1 redundant fans
    71 x MicroUSB console port
Introduced: Either 30 June or 8 July 2021 Hard to say which . . .

A two RU switch with front panel air filters. The 13 400G ports can be connected to a Ramon fabric to build a very large router. Two of the AS7926-40XKFB switches can be connected directly without Ramon. Four of the AS7926-40XKFB switches can be connected in a mesh configuration without Ramon. COR550 is a model name. AS7926-40XKFB is a part number. Varient part numbers describe e.g. whether external TCAM has been optioned.

The data sheet does not give the size of the packet memory but since this is HBM memory assembled into a unit at the factory we're guessing 8 GBytes. There is a data sheet. There is also a family brochure.