Arista 7280R switches

Introduced June 2, 2016. Press release

switch beauty shot

Networkworld thinks this as based on the Broadcom Jericho switch chip. They said:

    The products leverage the Broadcom Jericho chipset which is optimized for 100 Gig-E, deep buffers and routing.

A January 2016 posting on NANOG said:

    The BCM88670 (Jericho) is what powers the new Cisco NCS55XX devices. The processor is linerate above around 100 bytes per packet without external TCAM, supports 256K IPv4/64K IPv6 FIB entries (or mixed amounts). These chips are being used for high scale 100G, the initial NCS5508 linecard is a 36x100G QSFP28 one.

    Juniper has chosen to use their own silicon for most of their dense 100G platforms, but you will see these chips used by pretty much everyone else I imagine at some point in the next year.

Slide is a screenshot from use case webinar on June 16, 2016

Arista has an extra cost software option called FlexRoute that works like hamburger helper. It dilutes and extends the expensive TCAM [hamburger] to make it appear that there is more than it first appeared. With helper, 256K worth of TCAM is stretched to cover 1M routes, along with a promise that future recipes may cut that even further.

Data Sheet We think of this as a fixed configuration version of the 7504R chassis switch. Note that the 7280R data sheet does not support speeds lower than 10 Gb/s. It is possible that the switch family might have 1 Gb/s on some ports, the data sheet not withstanding. Arista ran a use case webinar on June 16, 2016. It says little about switch internals.

[June 2016] Kernelsoftware shows a list price for the 7280TR of $29,995. Compare with similar version from the previous generation 7280SE-68-R $39,995.