Cisco Nexus 3232C

beauty shot of 3232C switch

Introduced in multiple trade press articles on June 10, 2015. Expected to start shipping 3rd Quarter 2015. Note that the ports are QSFP28 rather than proprietary CPAK. That is because this is a whitebox switch running Cisco software. It seems to be a consensus in the trade press community that this is a Tomahawk switch. The data sheet lists buffer memory on page 5. 16 MBytes of packet buffers matches the Tomahawk hypothesis.

Particular attention to the footnote in this table

Cisco Nexus 3232C Cisco Nexus 3264Q
VXLAN CapabilityBridgingBridging
Openflow SupportYesYes
Rack unit (RU) 12
Switching capacity3.2T3.2T
Interface Type 32 QSFP+64 QSFP+
Maximum 10 GE ports128128
Maximum 25 GE ports128n/a
Maximum 40 GE ports3264
Maximum 50 GE ports 64 n/a
Maximum 100 GE ports 32 n/a
Switch latency 550ns 550ns
Line-rate traffic throughput (both Layer 2 and 3) on all ports Yes* Yes*
Redundant and hot-swappable power supply and fans Yes Yes
Air flowPort-side intake or port-side exhaust Port-side intake or port-side exhaust
*Packets greater than 250 Bytes