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Recent testing by Tolly Group engineers reveals that 3Com’s SuperStack outperforms two different versions of Cisco’s Catalysts!
Layer 2 GbE test results show 3Com’s SuperStack 3 4900 at 100% wire-speed throughput, and Cisco’s Catalyst 3508G XL at 50% and the Catalyst 4003 at 20%!
A recent competitive test commissioned by 3Com demonstrates that in bidirectional Layer 2 zero-loss throughput tests of 64-, 512- and 1,518-byte packets, the 3Com SuperStack 3 4900 with 16 ports delivers 100% wire-speed performance. In the same series of tests, results show Cisco’s Catalyst 3508G XL with 8 ports at 50% wire-speed throughput and Cisco’s Catalyst 4003 with 14 ports at 20% wire-speed throughput.

To sneak a peek at some of the results, go to:


Mark your calendar…

Cable Modem Performance Challenge 2001
Cable Datacom News and The Tolly Group have joined forces to launch the Cable Modem Performance Challenge 2001!
This study of DOCSIS 1.0 modems, including those with DOCSIS 1.1 capabilities, is a perennial favorite. Round 3 of the Cable Modem Performance Challenge will provide consumers with valuable product performance results for standards-based modems. The Cable Modem Performance Challenge 2001 will kick off this June 2001.

To find out how to participate, or for more information, go to: http://www.tolly.com/Archives/NewsDesk/2001IndustryHomeMar01.htm

Switch Interoperability 2001
The Tolly Group teams up with co-sponsor Network World to host the third annual Switch Interoperability Study!

This year, engineers will subject participating Layer 2/Layer 3 switches to a series of core interoperability tests, including link speed/duplex autonegotiation, RIP and IP routing. The Switch Interoperability Study 2001 will kick off this June and results will be highlighted in the N+I issue of Network World.

To find out how to participate, or for more information, go to: http://www.tolly.com/Archives/NewsDesk/2001IndustryHomeMar01.htm

State of the LAN: The 21st Century Network 
The tour is gearing up …
Want to hear from the experts about how to architect your 21st Century LAN? Then take a moment to check out State of the LAN: The 21st Century Network. This tour will visit eight U.S. cities during May and June of 2001.

Co-sponsored by The Tolly Group and Network World, this event will provide insights into LAN and MAN issues related to secure networking, Voice over IP, Web and e-Commerce acceleration and more. Kevin Tolly, President and CEO, The Tolly Group/Tolly Research, will keynote this dynamic event.

For more information, go to:

VoIP audio cast alert!
What can your network handle?
Join Kevin Tolly, President and CEO of Tolly Research/The Tolly Group, Scott Hamilton, Senior VP of Operations, Tolly Research, and John Q. Walker, Director of Network Development at NetIQ Corp., for an upcoming Web audio cast on "Guaranteeing Your Network Can Handle VoIP."

This 45-minute program, which airs April 25th at noon, will focus on key measures of VoIP quality: how to conduct an initial evaluation of your network, tips to improve your network's VoIP support and expert advice on how to know when you're ready to deploy VoIP.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to participate in a 15-minute question-and-answer session and to receive a free checklist of network design tips.

To register for this Web audio cast, go to: 

More great advice from Kevin Tolly!
What is a bad P/E ratio?
In his recent Network World column, Kevin Tolly cautions readers to take a closer look when purchasing NICs based on references to a Performance-to-Efficiency (P/E) ratio — a way of interpreting the relative efficiency of network interface cards.

To view the entire column and to see how The Tolly Group calculates a P/E metric, go to: 

The latest from Tolly Research …

Tolly Research adds ITclarity wireless, secure networking tracks!
Tolly Research has added two new tracks to its ITclarity research program, one focusing on Wireless Ethernet and the other on Secure Networking!

Both new research tracks will deliver hands-on performance testing data, architectural insights and deployment advice. The Wireless Ethernet track will focus on LAN and internetwork wireless issues. The Secure Networking track will venture into the impact of VPNs, firewalls and other security-related technologies on network performance. 

ITclarity tests uncover server backup drain on thin-client performance!
Researchers have discovered that hot backups clearly drain server CPU reserves and impede application delivery in thin-client sessions supported on the same server!

The results, in Volume 2 of Tolly Research’s ITclarity Thin-Client Networking track, show that server backups may slow thin-client applications by up to 24%.

For more information on the report, Managing Thin-Client Networks: Application Performance and Data Backup, point your Web browser at:

Tolly Research focuses on role of traffic shapers in VoIP!
ITclarity’s IP telephony research track this month will explore the impact of traffic shapers on optimizing VoIP services in enterprise networks!
Researchers will examine the degree that traffic can be optimized on a converged network without impacting voice quality. Specifically, Tolly Research wishes to determine the impact that traffic shaping has on bandwidth utilization, voice quality and latency - particularly when traditional network traffic is permitted to burst into bandwidth allocated for packet voice.

For more information point your Web browser at:

Tests confirm ‘TCP offload’ eases Win2K server load!
Tolly Research reports in a recent issue of its ITclarity Windows 2000 Networking track that a representative TCP-offload NIC adapter successfully diverted TCP bulk file-transfer operations from a Windows 2000 server, resulting in significant server CPU utilization savings!

Tests did reveal one caveat – that the representative Alacritech 100 Series Dual-Port Server Adapter did not handle all TCP-based application traffic with the same level of efficiency.

For more information, point your Web browser at:

In the pipeline

Stay tuned for upcoming test results on GbE VPN/firewall devices and a wireless bridge test!

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