Dragonball Z

My Favorite Anime Show

    The Origin
  • Dragonball Z is the continuation story after the the series Dragonball
  • The main character is named Goku but is originally named kakarot and is a part of the alien race called the saiyans from the planet Vageta
  • When arriving on earth as a baby kakarot was sent to destroy earth but suffered and injury to the head, losing him memory
  • He was then found by and old man named Gohan and took him in as his grandchild and gave him the name Goku
  • Since then Goku has dedicated his life to martial arts and saving the earth from powerful enemies who seek to destroy it

      Here Are Some Facts About Dragonball Z
    1. Its one of the largest anime francaises
    2. The japanese voice over for Goku was a women
    3. The continuation saga of Dragonball Z which is called Dragonball GT were not the same writers for Dragonball Z
    4. Most people would choose to be a Z fighter than a Jedi
    5. The newest Dragonball Z movie has been released in Japan this year of 2013 called "Battle of The Gods, the last one before it was called "The Path to Power" and that was released back in 1996

      Here is The First Episode of Dragonball Z

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