This is a page about memes.

My friends and I admin a meme page on Instagram called @Haramguys

You should follow us on instagram if you're interested in dank memes. The meme below is one of many you can find on our page.

We go by the aliases You can view the rest of our memes on our instagram by clicking here. You can also check out my other webpage here: HI THERE

If you want to contribute to Haramguys you can either DM our instagram page or you can email me personally with your meme and caption here. We only post the most premium memes, so here are some things to look for:

  1. Is the meme current and trendy?
  2. Did the meme actually make you laugh and want to share it to your friends?
  3. Is your caption "fire"?
If we think your meme is good enough, we will post it and give you a shoutout!