This is Debbie, she was our first ever cat. She is friendly, loving, sassy, and spoiled. She became our cat after cat-sitting for three days turned into an entire quarter. During that quarter, we came to love Debbie very much and enjoyed spending time with her.

Here are a few fun facts about Debbie:

  1. Her real name is Lil' Debbie, after the rapper
  2. (to listen to Lil' Debbie's music, check out her Soundcloud)
  3. Her favorite food is scrambled eggs
  4. She is highly uncoordinated and doesn't like it when you notice

In her free time, Debbie likes to:

  • Sniff and eat flowers
  • Take naps on feet
  • Drink water that doesn't belong to her
  • Block the view of laptop screens that are in use

  • **For more pictures and stories about Debbie, please contact me via email by clicking here