Things Slurpees are not:

One can distinguish a proper 7-Eleven by the temperature of their Slurpees. Some may think it minor. They would be wrong.

Not only is temperature a major distinguishing factor from THE IMPOSTERS (see above), but a freezing slurpee separates the flavor from the ice. No one wants to slurp liquid flavoring from underneath the frozen iceberg.
In addition, some newer Slurpee-Enthusiasts could develop a brain-freeze. Pressing your thumb to the roof of your mouth helps alleviate the pain.

Let me fill you in on a few things, cause I'm somewhat of an expert:
First off, there's no wrong decisions when it comes to choosing flavors, but here are my go-tos:

  1. Coca-Cola A classic. Finding a broken coke machine in 7-Eleven is what fuels my nightmares.
  2. Cherry: Perfect for Cherry Coke. The ideal cherry to coke ratio is 3-7. Years of research has been spent on this. A true Slurpee Artist can contain all the cherry in a pocket of coke. Both for the aesthetic, and to allow for even mixing.
  3. Piña Colada: Only if there's rum involved.

Slurpee-Enthusiasts, and Enthusiasts of Slurpee-Enthusiasts will always have a place in my inbox:

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