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The Christmas Expert TJ Rae answers holiday questions:
  • What is Christmas all about and what does it mean?
  • What's the history behind all the Christmas Fan Fair?
  • What are different traditions at Christmas time?
  • Help Other Children and Families Who Have Little More Than Love.
  • To reach TJ Rae to answer these questions and more, email The head Elf, Bernard at: email

It's Never Too Late To Start Dreaming!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Where is Santa Claus right now? If you W ant to join in the Christmas fun Click here- Every year, beginning on November 25th, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) searches the skies above the United States and Canada to find and report the whereabouts and goings on of Santa Claus before Christmas!

Did you know that Japanese children believe that Santa Claus has eyes in the back of his head so that he can watch children all year long and not just around Christmas time?

A few fun Christmas Activities that can make new wonderful Christmas Traditions for your family and friends! Christmas Activities click here

Email a letter to Santa Claus before Christmas Eve arrives!

Click here to write a letter to Santa Claus

Whether Santa Claus has eyes in the back of his head or he relies on his little Elf helpers to report the comings and goings of you...

"You better watch out;
you better not cry;
better not shout;
I'm telling you why.
Santa Claus is comin' to town;
gather round!" It's time for Christmas!

There are many ways you can help during the Christmas Season. Find out how you can help during the Christmas and Holiday Season or anytime of year!

"I long for the day when we are no longer defined by race, color, or class, but by a world that is undivided and unified by compassion, understanding and love."T J Rae

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Find Out Everything About Christmas and TJ Rae here!

Start a Christmas Tradition and go Christmas Caroling with your family! We have every Christmas Carol we could find.

If you have more, please send the lyrics, name and the author of the song and we'll post it!

Free Christmas Gift Tags for your packages. Just print!
click here for Free Christmas Gift Tags

When does your family decorate for Christmas? Many families around the world decorate after November 24th.

However, some families decorate as early as November 1st, while still others wait until December 10th.

Holiday Stress got you down? Here are some stress buster ideas and how you can save money and your sanity at Christmas! Learn How to Have Fun and Have a Stress Free Holiday Season.

Listen to TJ Rae's Christmas Music while you browse Christmas With Love.click here for TJ Rae's Christmas Music

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