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My favourite Game

My favourite gane is League of Legends. Well, not that I love this game so much, I played it for the longest time, I'm addicted.

So, What is this game that I hate so much but stil can't stop playing.

Here is a shor video about this game

You see this little icon
league of legends icon

This little icon, RIGHT HERE

It wave it's hands at me every single time when i open my PC, and say:"Hey, lets play one game, just one.", and I'll be like, "Emm, sure". Then as soon as I open this little program on my computer, my whole night is gone. Yup, just like that.

A Little More Detail

There are some pretty simple(Haha, jokes on me) rules about the game

Oh btw here is a map of the game, it will make understanding a lot of things much easier.

league of legends map

There are hundreds of champions you can choose from and they pretty much all of them fall nto their specific roles. There are five roles in the game for you to choose from.

  1. Top lanner, who don't really care about their team mate. Usually just two person doing nothing at top lane, maybe watching youtube at the same time.
  2. Jungler, who hang out in the jungle fight epic monsters, and when they got some item, they probobly come to you and help you out a little. Depend on their mood.
  3. Mid lanner, they usually have bad temper, and think they all suppose to be playing in professional games, instead of stucking with you in a game.
  4. AD carry,as the name suggested, you build attack damage, usually do the most damage on the team, assassin's little ATM.
  5. Support, you take the blame. Yeah, thats about it.

It is hard to use words to describe this massive game. The best way is to play it youself and experience. If you want You can see more or maybe download this game HERE

And if you need anymore information or maybe you actually started playing the game, shoot me an email at here

Ans yeah, thats about it. So longer gamer, maybe see you on the rift.