A webpage dedicated to Taylor's "invisible" spirit cat

His name is "Alcyone"

He is named after one of the stars in the Pleadies star system

Here is a picture of the Pleadies and where Alcyone, the star he is named after, is located in the star system

I promise he exists but most people can't see him

They try to tell me he doesn't exist but I know he does because he talks to me and can fly, you gotta have wizard blood in your genes in order to potentially see spirits and even then he chooses who he allows to see him, so I feel very lucky he's my spirit animal, he is my best friend...ever.

Here are some cool facts about "Alcyone"

  1. He is Hundreds of thousands of years old, so he is pretty dang smart
  2. He has a BLUE and Silver hue to him
  3. He can fly
  4. He's better then all your best friends combined
  5. I DID NOT get him from the Monterey County SPCA.
  6. You can only be gifted a spirit animal from the guardians of the celestial realm, in other words you must be chosen to have a spirit animal and from there you choose which one you want, I chose to summon "ALCYONE" as mine.

If you have questions on how to get your own spirit animal feel free to email Taylor Williams