This page is about the many passions of Tasha Kretlow



I love dogs. They are the cutest animals to exist and their very beings are made of love and joy. My absolute favorite dog breed is Siberian husky. I find them to be the sweetest and goofiest dogs out there.

An example of their grace and dignity.

Besides being such humorous dogs they are also:

Although I love huskies very much, I love other dogs too.
My top three favorite dogs not including huskies are:

  1. Alaskan Malamutes
  2. Boston Terriers
  3. Literally any kind of dog
If you would also like to look at or share your love for huskies, this subreddit may be for you
If you would like to share photos of your own dog (I love them all) please feel free to email pictures to me at